Thanksgiving week looked like this...

We had such a fun week leading up to Thanksgiving.
For some reason, we usually travel or spend the day in another home.
This year, with our many projects, skidding toward an end
We stayed home and put our partially functional kitchen to use.
Myron's bro was still here, and we also had the remnants of family
Left in the area, over for dinner.
Yes, we had turkey.
And it was delish.
We also had mashed potatoes and all the fixings
Except for the pie.
We opted for apple dumplings instead.
And let's say the pie was not missed.
Big fat juicy dumplings have a way of making pie look rather humble.
The reason I mention mashed potatoes
Is because we watched the Thanksgiving edition of Biggest Loser.
And let's be honest: I'm a freak about eating healthy.
Granted, we fall out sometimes
And neglect our waistlines.  *ahem, self: you need to hear this*
But steamed cauliflower and white beans
Mashed together in a great mound
Do not take the place of mashed potatoes.
Not even in your wildest imagination.
I'd far rather do without those taters than to commit to such a substitute.
 Maybe instead of having those potatoes
I'll have another helping of Cranberry Apple Salad
I'm a sucker for anything cranberry
But I know a lot of people don't like the tartness of a cranberry sauce
So here's a recipe, I guarantee
Will even make it to the favorites list
For anyone.

Paradise Sauce:
1 qt. cranberries
2 qts. apples
2 C. sugar
Put cranberries in a pan with a small amount of water.  Cover and cook slowly on low heat until soft.  Rub through a food press, cheesecloth or strainer (the point is to get the bitter husk off the flesh).  Return to pan and add peeled, cored and sliced apples.  Cook gently until apples are soft, but still retain their shape.  Add 2 C. sugar and cook 5 min. longer.  ( I don't add any sugar at all, but I guess that would depend on the type of apple you use and how tart or sweet it is.)
Serve hot or cold.
 We also did a church dinner in my moms basement on Tues. eve.
These pictures do nothing to show
What an amazing dinner we had
Or how warm the fellowship was
We had such a great time of sharing and communion
After all the food was consumed.
And how great is that big ole bear rug on the back wall
One of my brothers prize hunting trophies.
You think he'd let me bring that thing home
To lay in front of the fire
On a cold winter night?

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