The City Harmonic - Holy (Wedding Day)


Here's just a fun list of some of my favorite things right now,
Subject to change, by the day,
But I'll just blame that on the hormones.

My sweet, sweet baby:

Favorite book:
(Has been for like the last 5 years)
(I'll admit to a deep sense of disappointment when I found out the author became a divorced, single parent)
(But it is still a must-read for every mama out there, in need of some mercy and grace)
Favorite crazies:
Favorite semi-bad habit--Co-sleeping:
(Something I said I'd never do, but am just loving this time around)
Favorite room:
The nursery.  And why not--it's where the baby is should be

 Fun mobile the kids and I made:

In all fairness, only half of the room is baby's, the other half looks like this:
(Real life is when the walk-in closet needs to be cleaned, and all the contents are disgourged into the closest room)

Favorite art:
An original Bessie Pease Gutman painting--love so many of hers, but I happen to have this one, and it is my favorite.

Favorite nail polish:
Rebellious, by j.a.n.e.--a gorgeous purple

Favorite textile:
faux fur. I've got it on blankets, pillows and vests.  I'll admit to overkill...maybe.

Favorite luxury:
My newly remodeled bathroom...which my handy honey tackled all by himself.  So proud.
 love,love that huge mirror.
yes, that's me in the shower holding the soap, lotion, etc that was cluttering the sink space. heh.
First tile job ever for the hot handy man.  Turned out smokin'.  Beware the overkill on tile in next house.

Favorite coffee syrup flavor:
Favorite rug purchase:
An outdoor rug from Ballard Designs.  Just the thing for the playroom/schoolroom.
Washable and wipeable.

Favorite color combo:
You just can't go wrong with such a gorgeous shade of mustard.
And lastly, Favorite song:

(forgive my complete ingnorance on how to post a real video)