{Of Pigeon Poop and Yummy Books}

Of Pigeon Poop
On Monday, and last night, we had some more snow.
The weekend had been glorious, with temps warm enough to rake out all the hecka
In the flower beds and yard.
 (Weird, but I love nothing more than a good pile of garbage on my curb)
(Proof that we did indeed freshen up around here)
And then it went like this, in only a few hours time:
 I, ever the optimist, declared that I am just down right sick of this "pigeon poop".
You know, I thought I was just doing ok with this long winter thing,
And the Lord was finally working some thick blood into my system,
But apparently when put to the ultimate cold/snow test, 
When the calendar declares spring has been here for a few weeks already,
I failed miserably, and declared it pigeon poop.
(Only to be strongly convicted when I read my son's memory verse for this week)
("He giveth snow like wool")
Alrighty, God, thanks for the wool.  Could you hire someone to shear those sheep?

Of Books
I am the biggest book junkie.
I love me a good book.
Not just any book, tho, mind you.
It's got to be smart, talented, deep enough to ponder, and not repetitious.
My alltime favorites are historical fictions and good biographies.
But here's some good soul food I've been loving this week:
(Can I get an Amen for how lovely it is to have a library a block down the street?)
 Well, Martha Stewart ain't really soul food, but it'll salivate the creative juices.

And then this:
 As if I didn't overwhelm my husband with all the crazy ideas I've got for this old house already,
I had to read 'Young House Love'
and get all weird again.  So many ideas...so little time.
Their blog can be found here: younghouselove.com

And then, on to more life changing topics:
"Loving Our Kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk
I was convicted two pages into it.
Best parenting book ever.  It'll radically change your mind on the way you raise and discipline your kids.
Not to mention, how it will completely wreck your mind and spirit about the way you love in general.

"Desperate" by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
I got luckier than lucky, when I ran into the library one night after a grocery run
And happened on this treasure in the 'new book' section.
Love it.  And I also loved this:   No More Desperate
And the blog: SarahMae
I have muddled in tears many times (poor Myron), over wanting that older woman in my life
To encourage and build me up in this hair-pulling, high pitched screaming, roller coaster of mothering.
Finally, God whispered to me, months ago,
That I have to BE want I want to HAVE in my life,
If I want someone to step in and encourage me practically, emotionally, spiritually,
I need to do that for my friends who are just starting out in the little years.
It really doesn't take that much more effort to cook a little more than I do for my family,
And share that meal with someone.
Or have a few more kids running haywire in my home, along with my own ragamuffins, for a few hours.
I'm trying to make a goal of encouraging somebody else at least once a week.
I want it to become part of my personality and emotional make-up
As well as displaying servanthood in front of my kids, in real life.
"Lose Your Mummy Tummy"
I'm not going all spiritual or emotional on this one.  Cause it's just plain physical.
I worked my little heart out, after the 3rd born son, to get my abs back in shape.
But i couldn't seem to punk that baby belly and ended up with a mountain size hernia above my belly button.
And this is so why: I was only making my stretched tummy muscles seperate worse.
I'll let you research it for yourself, but best advice ever to get that momma pooch sucked back in.
It ain't sexy to wear a scarf knotted around your middle for a few weeks,
But it sure ain't any sexier to have a kanga pouch hanging out and dragging to the ground either.
Go check the book out, it'll put some morale back in your mommylicious mirror time.

And a side note:
I found the most amazing no-bake cheesecake recipe the other day
And I've gotta share it.
Since we try to go gluten and sugar free as much as possible here,
I was over the moon at finding this.
And, for all you THM mamas, it works!
 Yeah, I ate way too much, but hey, it's the kind of thing that's good even for breakfast!
And here's the recipe (of a sort):

Place sliced almonds (or whole) in a food processer.
Process until fine, add a couple tablespoons of butter.  Process again until it sticks together.
Press into a cheesecake pan.

Process 2 C. Greek yogurt and 15 oz. of coconut cream together in the food processor.
(Coconut cream can be gotten of the top of a can of coconut milk.  If refrigerated, the cream comes to the top and it is so fantastically delicious.  Have a lick before proceeding)
Add a dash of NuNaturals Stevia (or other sweeterner)
And a Tablespoon of unflavored gelatin dissolved in lime or lemon juice.
Spread over the crust.

Bring berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) or any fruit of your choice, to a boil.
(You may need to add a little water to juice it up)
After it has cooled, place fruit in the food processor,
Add a Tablespoon of unflavored gelatin (or other thickener, such as arrow root, corn starch,etc),
Along with some sweetener.  ( I used NuNaturals and also some honey)
Pulse until blended. Spread over the cream mixture.  Refrigerate.
And then have some guilt free indulgence. 
You're welcome.