{Spring Longing}

This winter has gone by so quickly,
But there is nothing like that longing for Spring...
Perhaps it's the yellow of the sun, instead of the gray of winter
Maybe it's that fresh smell in the air
 The tiny haze of red from the buds growing on the maples,
Or that breeze blowing across the ground to melt the leftover snow piles.
In honor of spring, we brought in some branches, and pushed apple buds, 
As well as a few birds' nests that had fallen from the wind-blown branches
(We must have several families of hummingbirds, we've found so many of their deserted nests)



{And then there were 6}

 The last 2 months with this precious little one
Have gone so fast.  Truly.
It feels like he's been a part of our lives forever, but it has gone so quickly at the same time.
Beware of sweetness overload: this little man is so incredibly handsome:
 At 8 weeks old, he has started to coo and laugh
It is just a mommy-heart melter.  And it only makes it so much more lovely
That I happen to be his all time favorite to coo at.
Well, of course, since milk happens to be his food of choice.

 I feel like his siblings have finally made peace with his joining them.
It was an emotionally tough couple of first weeks
While everyone worked the newness out of their systems,
But hopefully it's all lovin' from here on out.
 I have loved mothering this little one
So much more than I remember with the others.
I think time has so much to do with that,
I feel so much more relaxed and willing to just sit and cuddle
(Oh goodness, I just used the words "so much"...so much!)
Instead of rushing off to the next load of laundry, toddler emergency, or social event.
I wanted to give myself grace to just "be" with this little one,
And I find it so rewarding.
I regret not learning to do it with my other babies.
Just to enjoy the sweet smell of a newborn, and how they need you for snuggles and cuddling.
How blessed I am.

(all photo credits go to the fabulous Lyndsi S.)