Spring Freeze

Shiver me timbers, me matey's
Tis chill to the bones in lake country these days.
Er, prior days.
Today looks like a charmer.  60's and sunny.
After all that fabulous 70 degree weather a few weeks back
It has seemed downright cold the last few.
The blossoms started to bud when it was warm
Then it got cold and they just sort of chilled out while hanging on
I've never in my life seen a cherry tree bloom for 4 weeks running
Here in the north.
I brought in a few buds, to try to force them
But the old tree out back beat me to it!
 Let me tell you about my little atrium (or whatever fancy name they're called)
I picked this thing up at a junk shop in Lancaster Co
Yes, I said Lancaster Co.
Some people love the sound of that name and the Hallelujah Chorus begins to play
Others, well, it's almost a bad word. 
Please don't kill me now.  I didn't say it's my bad word.
I'll go for the happy medium.
No offense to any of you that live there. 
Back to this little glass hothouse.
It's got a hole in one side and a crack in another
But I loved her from the moment I saw her peeking out from under the ugly lamps
And discarded meaningless riding toys.
My mom and my aunt thought I was nuts.
So she came home with me.
 And there's the backyard in it's spring coat
I really need to work on adding some bulbs for a little more color
 We went from this:

 To this:

 Yes, it snowed and then stayed cold.
My little radish, lettuce, herbs, and pea sprouts shivered
And haven't gotten real leafy yet.
So I went weird, and raised my sprouted onions
In a pot on my window sill.
Hey, it worked to kill off any bacteria floating in the air
And the carbon dioxide it ate and oxygen it gave off
Relegated it to royal status.
 I have now moved some lilac buds inside
To see if I can force them to bloom.
Game on, lilac bush.
See if you can beat me.
And we've found little hummingbird nests around the yard.
We're starting a collection.

As for the kitchen project,
The trim has been completed. And I'm ready to swear never to touch a paint brush again.
Only, I can't.  Cause we've started in on painting the screened porch.
So basically all that needs to be finished in the kitchen
Are the countertops.
We'll wait till the weather warms up a little and then take a whack at it
In the garage. 
The two prototypes have turned out great,
So we'll lift our glasses and toast to that 
And to similar results on the rest of it.

3 cheers for Spring!