Mercy. It sure has been tumblin' down here at our house. Inside and out.
Let me show you:We have had some incredible amounts of snow. It may be March, but we've had some of the nastiest weather yet. So while I was looking out my front window and viewing this scene, the inside of the house was looking like this:
And now everything in the kitchen is completely gone and looks like this:
One big, empty room. It feels a bit like camping, or living in a vacation home. I've no idea where all of my kitchen supplies are since they are scattered throughout about 4 rooms in the house. We've been cooking with a microwave and crockpot and it's gotten a bit interesting. And it's barely been a week. And this project could last for... maybe years?!? It's funny how we actually eat in the dining room now and how our house feels almost cozier because we're not spread out over so many more square feet.