{The Flu}

 This past week has been a bit of a repeat of this incident, altho not nearly as bad.
It seems that the small one gets sick rather easily when he's pushing teeth.
Does anyone else ever feel the need to just scrub the whole house when someone gets sick?
I just wanted to wash every blanket, sheet, furniture cover, wall, door knob, etc to kingdom come.
While none of the other kids got anymore than a little tickle,
I made several batches of soup with all kinds of vegetables, broth and nutritious hidden ingredients.
Here's a recipe for one of our favorites:
(1)  Bag of Spinach
(1)  Can of Great Northern Beans
(1) Lb ground sausage, fried (keep the drippings) (turkey sausage could also be used)
(1) Onion, sliced
Chicken broth
Any other vegetables, rice, or quinoa you'd like to throw in

Throw all the ingredients into a crock pot and cover liberally with chicken broth/water.  Allow to simmer all day.  The broth turns golden green and is just sumptuous.  This would be a perfect soup to put in a mug, add a slice of french bread to the top, some mozarella cheese and put under a broiler.

This time around, I got right on it and made up a salve to apply liberally all over Jeremiah's ears, throat, chest and back to knock the congestion out.
This salve is completely wicked, in a good way, and had him back to playing with 5 minutes or so of application.  If you can stand the smell of garlic, this is like miracle potion.  He smelled like an Italian Ristorante for a few days and we dubbed him "Rigatoni".  Garlic Salve is good for whatever ails you, perfect for coughs, colds, RSV, ear infections, etc.  Just apply it to the area in need of relief and the bottoms of the feet.  Cover with a heat pad and wait for it to work it's magic.
Garlic Salve:
Put in blender:
1/3 C. Coconut oil
2 TB. Olive oil
8 Cloves peeled garlic
5 Drops of Lavender oil ( I didn't have the oil, but used dried lavender instead)
I also added in some drops of Olba's Peppermint Oil to act as a vaporizer for congestion
Store in refrigerator
This recipe is not my own, credit goes to "Be Your Own Doctor" by Rachel Weaver
This book is so full of great natural remedies, etc.  I couldn't do without it.

And of course whenever I'm sick I'd love to have a little Miss Kay and a bell too.