{Coup de Croupe}

Coup de Croupe (pronunciation:  koo de kroop)

Coup:(koo) (noun) a violent or sudden seize of power or a notable/successful stroke or move.
In which a mother has all other activities taken away and the power to be mobile in any area of life is successfully halted and taken on by the snuggliest babies in the house.  No eating, no drinking, no potty breaks, no showers, and no sleep without permission from the 20 lb. warlord.

Croupe: (kroop) (also a noun) loud cough that sounds like the barking of a seal
The method through which the Coup took place in our house.  A successful and sudden burst of racket heard from a small child which guarantees an immediate response of sympathy and moments of panic from the childs mother.  Requires endless hours of vaporization ( of the air, not the baby), hot steam baths, and co-sleeping.  Footy pajamas are optional, altho comfortable ones are not.  Must be dealt with by wearing the cinnamony scent of Arbonne's Vapor Rub, multiple bottles of juice, doses of tylenol and a very patient mother, along with a daddy who is only guaranteed one square foot of the bed at night as baby flops about over the bed. 

And so normal life has now been subjected to the coup de croupe, and all social activites have ceased and housewifey things set to the side as we nurse the baby back to health.  A few of his siblings have been subjected to a fever as well.  Finally, after almost a week, the barking seal is seeing some light from under the dark blue sea, so to speak.  He's sleeping better and the cough isn't making me jump out of my skin as often.  But, goodness, I sure could use a vacation.  Anyone have a free timeshare in the Caribbean they're not using?  (Just notice Caribbean looks like a mix of Caribou and bean.  Weird, huh?  Now my mind has wondered off to Caribou coffee, which makes me think I haven't had my cup of Master's Touch yet this morning.  Perhaps that will solve my cranky)

*I have, for the most part, thoroughly enjoyed the snuggling and holding of the wee lamb.  He's getting to the stage of wanting independence and so I know that these days are quite fleeting.  Enjoying the sound of his breathing and baby breath as he's snuggled up close is pure joy.  I have also leaned quite heavily on The One Who Created him during the long night hours.  A long bout of sickness has not been in vain.  :)


  1. Jo...my mom gave me an old-fashioned remedy that worked when my children had croup. Melted butter mixed into brown sugar & let them nibble til gone. Amazing that it worked! :) SUCH a scary sound!

    1. That sounds like a yummy remedy. :) I tried slicing onions and putting sugar over them until they juiced and then gave him a little of the juice. It certainly worked to break up the junk in his lungs, but my goodness, there was no sweet baby breath anymore.

  2. So sorry for that little guy! He's a lucky man with his dedicated mama at his side! Hope you guys make it tonight :)


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