{Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice}

  So you know those visions of sugar plums that dance in your head?
And that perfect mother-daughter craft that you envision,
Where the Hallelujah chorus somehow is singing in the background,
The moment looks like a Norman Rockwell painting,
And your having a deep bonding moment over some 'Pinteresty' project?

Yeah, that one.  Guess I always thought it would be that way, but alas,
The two of us, my daughter and I, are two birds of a different feather.
While I am stimulated by some artsy/craftsy thing finished, she'd rather get out all the supplies
And then just sit and talk about it.
I'm a do-er, she's a relate-er.
So we're learning to work together. 
I'll be honest, it's been showing me some rough edges in my own character.

Here's a fun project we worked on 'together'.
Super easy, even for small kids.
 Gather some large gumballs, and using a kabob skewer, slowly poke a hole through them.
I used 6 gumballs, but you could do with more or less.
Using a large needle and ribbon, thread the gumballs onto a length of ribbon long enough to tie at the back of your neck.
Tying a knot on each side of the gumballs to keep them from sliding helter skelter.
 Add a flower clip you bought, or make your own.
I just threw together some fabric and tulle, very simple like and sewed a hair clip onto the back.
The flower clip now serves two purposes, as a little bling to the gumball necklace,
And after the gumballs have been devoured, it can be clipped onto clothes or used as a hair accessory.
 Super easy, super fun.  And can be used as a cheap, but fancy gift for princess' or party favors.
Or to create a sugar induced high.  Whatever strikes your fancy.

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