{A Cornish Hen}

For Thanksgiving this year, {Yes, I realize that was like an eternity ago} we went anti-turkey
And dove into the world of minature. 
Why I've waited so long to make Cornish hens, is just beyond me.
I've admired them from afar, but never attempted them.
Really, they're not so intimidating.

Except for the part where you feel slightly unsettled at the thought of cooking a "baby" chicken.
Which they really are not, but still.

The kids were super excited and kept asking, for a whole 10 days ahead of time, if we could please
Have the baby chickens for dinner tonight.

So here's the lowdown on a fine roast Cornish hen:
 I bought mine frozen, so I thawed them and patted them dry.
We stuffed them with sliced peppers, celery, garlic cloves and onions.
 If you're lucky you'll get the most handsome man in the universe in on the chef-ing.
He declares himself helpless in the kitchen, but I'm working to bring out his inner foodie.
Next, we basted each turkey,er..hen, with butter.  Lots of melty butta.
We then seasoned the daylights out of them with lemon pepper and any other herb/seasoning we could get our hands on.
Roasted them, uncovered, for an hour or till the juices ran clear and the skin was all crispy and tantalizing.  They smelled aromatically decadent.

 Everybody got their own little chicken, we ate taters with brown butter and too much other food, and that was how our alternate turkey story ended.


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