{Inherited Treasure}

I wanted to share a few treasures with you.
I'm not usually a terribly sentimental person (ask any of my family members, and  they will give you an adamant nod of the head).  It's not always a good thing, and I don't know if it's personality or life that has made me become that way.  I will, however, insert a clause.  I am in love with my house...whenever Myron hints at building a new one someday, I flinch and cringe and whine a little.

For whatever reasons tho, I have "inherited" a few treasures that have probably made my house evolve into the space that it is.  A little eclectic, vintage, etc.  I couldn't even begin to imagine a brand new house with brand new things, since mine is so full of worn and well used.

So here are a few of my treasures:
 {The tin bucket was my grandmother's on my mom's side.  It's got a worn piece of tape with her name on it on the backside.  And the coke box is from my dad's parents...they used to run a small orchard/country store and I have faint memories of sneaking candy out from behind the cash register}
 {This old tin lunch box was my dad's when he was a kid.}
 {The valentine's belonged to Myron's aunts.  There are probably 50 or so of them.  And some of them would be off-the-charts inappropriate today, but back when they were just cute sayings.}
 {The trunk on the top was Myron's grandfather's.  I think I may have payed an arm and a leg for it at his auction, but I love it.  The bottom one was a free cast off from an old house we cleaned out.  It's a garment trunk, with wooden hangers that slide on a track and it meant to be set upright.}
 {This gorgeous couch was rescued from a house my dad gutted and remodeled.  It is a real beauty and if I was participating here, this would be my "cold, dead fingers" piece.  The sofa was reupholstered and restored.  The sheepskin was a yardsale find and I have get to figure out a good way to clean it well.  It's a lot larger than it looks here.}
 {This quilt is a smidge ugly, and I had a huge debate in my head over leaving in my house.  The green grew on me, but the lavendar-not so much.  I mean, who does that...those colors?  The quilting on it amazing and it was my great grandmothers}
{And lastly, this old flag.  I remember this flying from the front porch of a house my parents bought when I was like 3.  I remember thinking it looked so stately, and couldn't figure out why it had to come down...totally not getting why a Mennonite wouldn't want the flag hanging from their porch.  We resurrected it from the archives last year when the kids were studying American history}.

What about youAre you a treasure-hoarder?  What are some of your favorite treasures?



  1. This is super cool! I didn't know the heritage behind some of your treasures...now I will look at them as even MORE awesome. :)

  2. That couch!! And that flag!! Be still my heart. I love that they are old and beautiful and have a story behind them.


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