A Post about Nothing...and Everything

We've spent a good portion of this week
Just enjoying the freedom of time
Nothing feels more right
Than having an evening to look at each other and say
"Hey watcha up to tonight"
Instead of
"Could you hook up the stove for me"
"Show me how to hang those shades, so the neighbors and us
Aren't looking at each other strangely out of our kitchen windows
At 5:30 am.  Cause that's just awkward."
We've done lots of baking, yay, for homemade bread
And macadamia nut cookies.
And lots of babysitting.
Which is always fun, cause my kids are entertained
And I usually end up with more free time because everyone is busy
Running around the house like hooligans.
Yes, I'm the mom who everyone can blame for all the racket in the neighborhood
And the PJ wearing kids on bicycles at 3 in the afternoon.
We're quality entertainment some days.
There's just nothing like sugaring up someone else's kids.
One chocolate chip in the dough, and one in the mouth.  Repeat.
Well, hello, fine young ones.  And hello Princess H.  Welcome to our kingdom.
Can't forget the fun giveaway I WON over at simple thoughts
I was so crazy excited and had just the best time ever shopping at Crate and Barrel 
The giveaway was for Land of Nod, but being the kitchen crazed woman that I am
I spent it all at Crate and Barrel.
Sue me, but my kids don't know what they missed.
Anyway, I scored a couple of big glass canisters, a drain board,
And the coolest little canning jars.
Which, by the way, are super cheap and would make the greatest gifts
With a little bit of something inside and a sweet bow on top.
Thanks, Paige, you're a gem.
I also spent some time digging in my junk loot.
These hinges with such a fine patina, will have curtains hanging from them in my laundry.
The hinges are up, but the window trim isn't painted
And I'm not completely satisfied with my curtain either.
So a picture of the finished window will have to wait till another day.
Now is when I will expound on my junk loot.
You see, as much as I'd like to think I'm the girl with more class than all that
There is nothing, and I repeat, nothing.
That makes my blood pressure rise like some good old junk.
I love making something from nothing, spending nothing and getting a desired result.
This obsession goes way back.
It's in the genes, and I'm not kidding.
My grandpa is the father of all pack rats.
I've fond memories of digging around in his old barn 
Searching for lost treasure.
Some of the pieces of furniture and a mantel or so
Are actually pieces I schlepped home 
And made over.
While I don't consider myself to be a pack rat,
(although my husband may beg loudly to differ)
I can't seem to keep my hands off some good patina.
The only times he really minds
Are the times I'm sneaking over to the neighbors curb
At 10:30 at night to make off with an abandoned chair,
Or when he has to do a lot of grunt work to get my end result.
But all in all he's a good sport
And quite supports the financial benefits
Of the occasional free pile.

I'll be back later, with a little tutorial
And on boxwood wreath I worked on yesterday.


  1. I see my Neices & Nephew on this post!! Your house is postively gorgeous!! I love the area of NY that you live gorgeous!!

    1. We love your neices and nephew! We never fail to have a rip-roarin' time with them when they're here. :)


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