Boxwood Wreath

The best thing to love
About a Pottery Barn magazine
Are all the imaginative creations that begin to stir in my head
I liked the huge boxwood wreath 
Set into the bay window
In the last catalog
And tho I won't even pretend 
That mine looks anything like theirs
I'm completely tickled
With the way my wreath turned out.
I dug around in the basement, knowing we had some old electrical wiring around somewhere
Sure enough.
Here's the break down:
I started with a long piece of electrical wire ( this piece looked like it came from 50 years ago),
And a basket full of boxwood cuttings.
(I've got to add: look at that countertop.  Never been more content in my life than to having a countertop of plywood, which means I've got a functioning kitchen)
Since our yard is full of boxwoods, it was simple to fill my basket.
If you don't own a boxwood, you could buy cuttings
Or if you're like me, you have elderly neighbors who would gladly allow you
To trim their hedges for them.  (Just make sure you do a beautiful job while you're at it)
 Begin tying the boxwood clippings
To the wire with a twist tie.
Wrap the twist tie around the back of the wire
And over the boxwood clipping.
Twist tightly.
 Continue tying the boxwood clippings on
Overlapping each new addition with the one you tied on just before.
Make sure that you cover the tie and that the clippings are symmetrical the whole way around.
Look how that old wire resembles the actual trunk of a boxwood bush.
There you've got it:  just some electrical wire, boxwood clippings and trusty twist ties.
I hung my wreath using an old hanger bent in a spiral and hung on a nail.
I need to buy some ribbon for a big grand bow 
Right in the center.
I love the way this wreath stands in for my lack of curtains.
And there is nothing I like more about winter decorating
Than fresh cut greens.

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