Christmas at my house

There is nothing I love more
Than cozying up the house over the winter
But especially Christmas.
With almost 4000 square feet of banging around space
Adding greens and twinkling lights
Pulls it together and makes the large spaces feel smaller and much more cozy.
While I do have 4 fireplace mantels to decorate,
I primarily stuck to only two of them.
The other two aren't in main traffic areas,
As in the man cave and our bedroom (which is still under construction)
 Dining Room Mantle
 I had so much fun setting my table.
I've got the most beautiful English china
With scenes of the English countryside on it
And I couldn't resist setting the table with it.
Since then, I've switched it up to something I like even more
But who can resist a little red at Christmas.

 Mantle in the living room
And another shot from further away.
I really love whites at Christmas too.
The way the lights twinkle against white,
Makes me think of the street lights glimmering on the snow.
So, while I like the deep reds and greens
I'm also a sucker for the coolness and comfort
of some good aged whites.

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