Christmas At My House 2

I love driving or walking down Main St
And seeing everyone's personalities come to life
In the way they display lights, greenery, etc
This time of the year.
While the outside of my house
Remains void of lights,
Not for lack of begging on certain small children's part
But more because mama hates a tall ladder
And papa has enough to do already,
The inside of our house is feeling all Christmasy.
Want to come in?
*long post ahead*
You could walk up the sidewalk and enter thru my front door
Take off your boots
-Because of course, there is snow on the ground-
And hang your coat in the front entry.
Or you could walk on around
To my kitchen door.
Because the kitchen is in the final stages of completion
I really didn't put up much in this room.
Just these two simple wreaths
That will be filled with pictures and cards
From people we love.
The dining table is set
Because we're expecting you.

The kids want to know
When can we actually sit at the dining room table again?
Well, kids, you could put on proper manners
And dress to the nines
Then mama will let you dine.
While I might sound the like the evil queen
We do usually have a "dress-up" dinner
Sometime around Christmas.
Gives everyone an excuse to get out the bow tie
And I think it's a great training ground
For proper ettiquette when we're away from home.

 You could pull up a chair in front of the fire
If the fire actually put off heat and not just a flame
Burning gas enough to bankrupt us.
But since it's a special occasion
We'll let you enjoy the flame.

And just to keep it real
This is probably what you'll be tripping over
To even get to a seat.
Lego's--a mama's best friend.
 The front parlor
Is home to, yes, a sleigh
And, yes, we've used it.
Only now the pony has died and so it has gotten a home inside
To keep the small critters from munching on the velvet seat.
She's a beauty, alright.
And squint your eyes, cause that tree is fa-a-alling.
 Upstairs on the landing
We let the kids put up a fake tree
With the train running around the bottom of it.
You're likely to smell the smoke from it's stack
And hear the whistle blow
If you stay for long enough.

I didn't do a lot with the bedrooms upstairs
Although that would be a dream of mine someday.
This house has just so many rooms
It's a monumental job to put everything up
And then take it all back down.
So I settled with lights and some greens in our bedroom.

Now that you've taken your tour
You can come back to the kitchen with me
And inhale the smell of truffles and chocolate
As we finish the candy-making session
Myron and I started last night.
And maybe I'll even send a box of 'em home with you
If I haven't eaten them all
In the time it takes you to say "yummy".

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