Falling In...

Well, it appears that the month of December
Opened wide its mouth and swallowed me whole.
Where did that month go?
It's all just a bit of a blur in my mind
There were Christmas parties to attend
And Christmas banquets to plan.
There were wedding projects to complete
And so many "lasts" for my family to spend with my mom
Before her big day.
Last shopping excursion, last Christmas dinner, last big vacation, etc.
Now we're into January and I'm wondering
Why did I fall into Dec.and allow it to swallow me?
I'd love to say that I did it with grace and we're so much richer for the experience
But really I'd be only fooling myself.
It was done with a lot more grit your teeth and impatience
And even some unkind words.
I do feel tho, that God was merciful.
There are so many moments that could have risen stress levels to Titanic proportions
But instead were very controllable and sane.

 There was a birthday to celebrate for the big boy
He celebrated with McQueen
Because apparently, when you're a boy-child,
Cars is all that--and so much more.
Finn McMissile, Mater and Holly Shiftwell were also in attendance.

 Myron and I also planned and executed a banquet for a local business.
Altho catering is not technically in my everyday job description
We do have a whole lot of fun a couple times a year
Doing it for special occasions.
So far, we've only done dinners for people we know
But every once in a while someone will ask when we're going to take it on the road.
I love planning the whole "experience" part of a banquet,
And apparently, the food is good too, even tho that is usually not the element of it
That I enjoy the most
We went with a winter theme, more than an actual Christmas one for this party.
I loved the black and white plates I found at Wal-Mart
We paired them with paper doilies, juniper berries, greens and logs cut as candle holders.
Love that the logs I found had these beautiful white fungi/mushrooms growing on them.
If I could have, I would've used birch logs, but in this part of the state they're scarce.
 And then there was the "bachelorette" party for my mom
Having an overnight pajama party for mostly 50+ something year olds
Is, um, interesting.
My sister and I spent most of the night in gales of laughter.
Who knew that their inner child would come out in the wee hours
And that we would be so well entertained?
 We had too much yummy food
Which, mixed with all the craziness and laughter, was good for the tummy.
And yes, even matching pajamas.
Everywhere you turned there were fuzzy blue and pink polka dotted pj's
It was enough to make one dizzy and succumb to dark tinted sun glasses.
I'm sure my mom will not soon forget
All the fun and love her friends showed her.

How do you make it all happen?
This fun, and even necessary, events of the holidays
And not fall into the New Year exhausted
And into bed at night wishing that morning wouldn't come for weeks and weeks.
How do you maintain the joy of soul and contentment of spirit
While rushing about. 
How do you maintain God-given relationships while putting forth so much time and energy to make those very people feel special?
I would give anything some days to see time as cyclical,
Tomorrow I'll just have more, no need to rush today to get it all done.
Ease up on the fuss, and have yourself another cup of coffee.
Untie the knot in your shorts, and breathe deep.
Content yourself in what you've accomplished today
"Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself".

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