So the scary day has come and gone.
I have now turned the mostly dreaded 3-0.
And really, it's not so bad.
It wasn't so long ago that I remember some older friends of ours
Having a 30th birthday
And thinking:  "I don't ever want to get there, you end up being so lifeless and old!"
You know, the usual picture in your mind of the 30 yr. old
Who somehow got stuck in the 90's and is just so....uncool.
They've settled for sweat pants and baggy t-shirts.
A goatee or hair unstyled and pulled into a ponytail.
And I wasn't EVER going to get there, if I had any choice.
Well, apparently I DON'T have a choice, it was inevitable
This birthday.
And it's been pretty great.
I think 30 is the new 20.  Only your smarter, more worldly wise.
You can pretend to have your act together
-Because everyone expects you to by this time-
But still get out that crazy, fun side when you want to.
-Because you're just not THAT old-
Now I'm trying on my 30 year old self
 And apparently I'm doing a bang up job of embarrasing myself
In front of my own camera, thanks to the random photographer who picked it up.
There are days, my husband rolls his eyes and tries to slide under the table
Because I belong to him...not that he doesn't love it, it's just a little overwhelming.

For my birthday, some little childs of mine
Made me a great school scene out of legos
Because they claim I'm the best teacher ever.
Shhh...but I think it's because this "teacher" is a push-over.
Moving on.
My sweetheart suprised me by taking off work at lunch time
And coming home with 30 roses,
A new camera card, tripod, and certificate for a new LENSE!
He also brought me to tears
By promising me the afternoon off while he watched littles
And he had scheduled an appointment at the local castle
for a mani/pedi for me
Talk about a heart winner!
Loved every minute of it.

Now we're in neck deep in wedding prep.
The time could be counted in hours from now
This week was spent sewing cute little girls' dresses...

 Putting together literally HUNDREDS of programs
Can you say huge wedding?

 And fanagling floral arrangements.
( I know, technically that's not a word, but who's technical?)
I'm hardly ever sure of what my finished product will look like before I start
So it's always a bit of a risk.
But I love how these arrangements came out.
 I'm rather liking  the jewel tones in these flowers
And the peacock feathers add a little unexpected punch of color and symmetry.

We're off to spend the afternoon creating chaos at the reception hall
And dinner with the fam.
Pray that I make it through the weekend without coming unglued.


  1. Sounds like an amazing birthday! I'm so glad! Now that I've discovered your blog it will be great to read all your posts. Confession: I'm the random photographer...

  2. Happy 30th!! I rather liked my 30th birthday as well {last Aug} and have always loved birthdays . . . so I wasn't dreading it, but now I think it *might* be nice to stay here for a while and kinda stay a little farther away from *40*. :) Your mom's wedding was beautiful {I saw pics on Thelmas's FB}, and all your sewing and floral arranging? Wow, looks so good.


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