"Whatcha going to do that's Jesus-y"

With this family, more theology has been taught in the good old mini van
And more God-conversations have been heard in the chatter.
Somehow amidst the crumbs in the carseats and the clutter scattered about on the floor
And the smells of a car that transports kids and kid-stuff
God has come to us, over and over.
In these seats, two of my littles have claimed Jesus as their Saviour.
One of them became convicted during camp meeting last winter,
And we made our way through the snow and ice, to heat up the old mini van
And talk about what Jesus wants from little hearts, and how He can transform them.
Given, this young in life, Salvation can still be a mystery.
But I love how their faith is so large, and their hearts so open
And if proof is needed of an outward confession, surely the softness of heart over the next weeks showed witness to internal heart alignment.
The other child was saved as a result of conversation on the way past the fire hall.
It went something like this:
"Mom, what do they do if a house burns, and what if it burns up everything around it?"
Followed by mom's reasonable explanation on how to put the "wet stuff on the hot stuff"
Or the "cold stuff on the hot stuff", or whatever it takes as good fire prevention talk.
I then commented, "You know that someday the whole earth is going to burn up, right son?"
"No, mom.  Why?  Isn't that going to be scary?"
I took a deep breath and launched into how when we're saved by the blood of Jesus,
We're children of His and we don't need to be afraid of this great fire,
Because all of His children will be safe far away from this destruction.
"Landon, do you know if you're a child of His?"  "Well, I want to love Jesus, and I want to be part of His family."
So we talked a little more, and he said he'd like to have Daddy with him when he becomes saved.
 We pulled into the parking lot at Daddy's job, and even tho we couldn't find Daddy, Landon said He really wants to talk to Jesus about Him being his Saviour.
And so, once again, as the smells of kiddy-car wafted up around us, another childs prayers Smelled like precious incense to the Father.

So now that I have properly explained the theology that goes on in our van,
Here's the conversation that ensued last night.
From eldest son to youngest: "So what are you going to do when you grow up that's Jesus-y"
Jesus-y is the new word here, simply means: Godly or like Jesus.
"You know you could be a missionary", the sister pipes up 
Daddy adds, "Really you can do/be just about anything.  Firemen, Ambulance drivers
(You have to understand, my boys think of their lifespan in terms of emergency vehicles and emergency incidents.  Have no idea why.  They remember last year as being "the year the neighbor lady's car started on fire" Or "the year the neighbor lady thought she broke her neck falling off the porch, etc.")
You can be a carpenter or a farmer.  And still be Jesus-y.  Doing your work well and giving God glory for it is what makes it Jesus-y"
Quiet contemplation entered the car and then the eldest son offered his last piece of advice:
"You know, if you would cut out angels shapes out of wood, and paint them that would be very Jesus-y.
Yeah, you should make angels when you get big"
Yes, son, let's make angels when we're big.

We're working on filling a baby bottle with change for the local Pregnancy Care Center.
It was the kids' idea to do chores around the house, and for every chore they complete,
Daddy puts money in the baby bottle.  They even went to their little money jars and gave away Some of their hard-earned money from pulling nails out of the floor during our kitchen remodel.
Little ones, this is how you are Jesus-y now, even though your small.  Serving others and giving Unselfishly--doesn't get any closer to Jesus than that.
And some days we'd even like to think we could dress like Jesus, Amen?  :)

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