Framed in time

Apparently, taking pictures of kids
Is an almost apocalyptic experience.
Before kids, I thought pictures of kids
Would be so charming.
They would always look cute
Smile so sweetly with dimples on their cheeks.
And we would wow the world
With our good looks.
Yeah, in your dreams, your thinking.
Real-life, they must be bribed with doughnuts and hot chocolate
And they smile all right
Big cheesy grins that make their eyes squint right shut.
But I still think
They're so good looking.
Even if they aren't picture perfect.
Today was the "great picture of the year" day
That one time shot we try for 
When everyone is on their best behaviour.
Hey, it's worth the try
And the doughnuts afterward, apparently.
 "No, you've gotta turn your head...THIS WAY!"
 Finally one that will pass as good enough
Till next year.

Apparently, the adults in this family
Aren't too photogenic either
And are as crazed as the kids.
First shot, ya'll mama needs to visit the gym
But it's us, and that's what is so endearing.

 Oh, yes, there was just that one
Where we all happened to be looking in the same direction
And noone is picking their nose
Or checking out the goat grazing on the hill in front of us.
Good pictures, or not.
We are special to each other
And to Jesus.
We'll keep it that way.

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