They're here!
My kitchen cabinets arrived yesterday.
And they're beautiful.
What a complete waste of time those nerves were.
It will take a few days for them to be installed.
And a few more than that for me to realize this is actually MY kitchen!
Myron said last night that he can see me in this kitchen.
I said, good, cause I designed it.  I better look like I'd fit.
 What a mess of sawdust, debris and dust this old house has seen
In the past year and a half.
But the sight of that trailor in my driveway
Is worth the clean-up afterwards.
 Moving in!
 And looking good.
I was completely unsure about my choice of a green cabinet.
But it's so perfect.
I had an old set of butler pantry doors that I wanted to use there
But they were a thorn in the cabinet builders side.
So he made a new set to look a lot like the old ones.
The green is very close to the same color as the butler doors.
Just doesn't have that time-worn look to them.
Give it a few years, I suppose.

They got most of the lower cabinets set yesterday.
Today they're attaching the uppers
And putting up the range hood.

In other news...we got a gorgeous blanket of snow last night.
Could not have been more beautiful.
Big fluffy flakes were falling
Just as dusk was setting in
So all the street lights were twinkly
And the snow just sparkled.
Hello, days of wet outdoor clothes.
Let's be nice to each other
Until I have a closet to store you in, shall we?

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