Kitchen 4

I think the last time I was this nervous, was my wedding day.
Simply crazy.
I'm trying to decide if I've become completely materialistic
Or if this really is a big deal.
Ah! Freak out!
I was rolling it around in my mind, and then Myron gets up this morning and says,
"what if they don't look anything like we wanted them to look"
I think his nerves got onto mine
And now I almost want to go hide
Until the cabinets are all in their places and the cabinet maker has gone home
So that I can shriek or panic in private.
But I will not run.
And I will trust that my gut instinct for this kitchen was good.
Great, in fact.
The last week we finished the floor and my bro.-in-law moved in for a few weeks
To do all the trim work in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
 There's the bro-in-law, finishing up the floor.
Gotta admit, man, it was fun to do some of that floor myself.
My ego wanted to say I did it ALL,
But egos are a bad enemy.
 There's some of that trim for ya.
Looks like I'll have painting to do till my arm falls off.
The door in the center goes into the "man cave"
My poor man has clutter and dust scattered all over his space.
It'll be good for him to have that room back as his own
Rather than a short term carpentry warehouse.
The door to the right is my pantry.
I kept that door from our other house
Because it was replaced by a "real" storm door
But I loved the weathered look and patina it had
So I decided it would move with us.
We stored it hoping it would prove to be useful somewhere, someday.
And, sure enough.
I'll probably frost the glass, or hang a curtain on the inside
Cause I'm not a "look at my well-organized pantry"
Kind of gal.
That and kid-friendly, help-yourself storage
Is better than a "oh look, it's blog-worthy" kind of organization.
My two-cents.

And in the middle of all the dust, noise and clamor
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Kids are good for that
Making Christmas happen early.
So we set up "their" tree upstairs on the landing
With the train running underneath.
We're working on the rest of the house now too.
I love the coziness of it all
So we'll do it early, and enjoy every minute of it.
Call it winter decorating
If you're one of those who's genes run with the Grinch's
And thinks that Christmas just keeps coming earlier and earlier every year.
I know some people feel like Christmas
Is way over-commercialized.
And some days I might agree, in a way.
But I get so excited about this time of year
And we'll squeeze all the fun we can 
Out of it,
Between all those Christmas parties, banquets, and whole-town shindigs.

Now for a cup of coffee
To calm my nerves.

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