Ok, wow.
I was so determined to do better with this whole blogging the process thing.
But I'm so involved in the process,
I haven't had time to so much as crack open the computer.
Here's my reasons:
 A new bedroom floor!
The trim isn't complete yet, although all the rest of the painting is finished.
You'll have to excuse the open closet door, and lack of styling.
It's just Au Naturale today. 
I think this floor was an all around great choice.
It's so terribly handsome.

And the kitchen floor is going in!
I need to brag on my husband for a minute.
He's got so many skills...plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.
This was totally going to be our project,
But he was starting to run thin on time so we hired some of it out.
He taught me to do flooring last Sat. while we were putting it in the bedroom
And I was blown away that he trusted me
with putting in the kitchen floor.
I loved putting it in...maybe it's because I could see progress
And it wasn't just the regular piles-of-dirty-laundry
that never seem to end kind of job.
I've got some pretty sore knees and super tight shoulder muscles
But I'm crazy over my new kitchen floor.
And yep, we've got electric too!
So happy with my choice of lighting.
Just the look and feel I was going for.

We've also been doing a ton and a half of raking and cleanup outside.
The maple trees are lovely in the summer
and so beautiful in the fall
But what a supreme lot of work!
We've had some of the most gorgeous weather ever this week
And we've spent a lot of time outside
Doing yard work and jumping in the ginormous piles of leaves
I also spent an evening at my mom's
We put together 600 favors for her wedding 
Yes, you read it right.  I didn't say 60, I said 600.
That's a whole lot of silver boxes, ribbon and mints.

I've got some school reports to get written
And a whole house full of family to get ready for this weekend.
Better get movin'.

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