Camp Meeting

This is going back about a month or so.  
But it's just too good to miss.
I'm so grateful my kids get to grow up remembering this as an annual summer "camp" week.
Every year our "little"church does a week long camp meeting...
full of:
camping, fellowship, food, and some of the best worship and God-presence you'll find anywhere.
We like to call it a "Holy Ghost blow-out".
We spend months preparing for hundreds of people to invade the 'borders of our tent' and have seen lives changed forever by the intense presence of the Father.
Nothing compares.

 We set up a ginormous tent.  Nights are chilly, but there is always this overwhelming warmth in the tent, plus the dancing and praising Jesus get your blood pressure up and the chill is never noticed.
Yeah, we're intense.  And we love Jesus.
  There are cute cabins to stay in...
 With amazing views!
  VBS for the small ones...
And a camp fire big enough for hundreds.
It's our high octane fuel for the year.  And we wouldn't trade it for anything.
Read what one of my friends wrote about their week in a camper:

Want to join us next year?

It will be a week that will ruin your life forever... for good.

**photos by Bri and Brenda 

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