One More...

This week we made ONE MORE run
to the lake.
It has been so amazingly warm
and while I chatted with two mommy friends
the kids ran on the playground 
and collected shells on the lake shore.

On the rainy days we've had,
in between the warm, sunny ones, 
I got out my paintbrush
for just ONE MORE paint project.
My middle name should be Painter.
It's my husband's biggest nightmare.
Coming home to a wife donned in paint attire
with a wicked paint brush in her hand.
He's says, "So , what were you doing today?"
When inwardly he's thinking,
"Oh gracious, is there still house left?"
I paint on a whim.
Fast and furious.
Cause if a paint project drags out,
I lose steam.
I'd like to think I'm the ' Little Engine That Could'
and just keep chugging at it.
But really,
I'm more like a rocket.
I'm only moving my painter hand 
when there is a fire in the burner.
 That's my scary painter face right there.
and my favorite pair of pants
forever ruined by the dropped quart of black paint.
I'm serious.  It happened.  A year or two ago.
In the old kitchen.
Which was a good thing,
Because really , you couldn't make that room
Look worse than it already did.
See why my husband's blood pressure goes up
when he sees me with a brush in hand?
So this week I picked up the brush
ONE MORE time.
and painted the Waye green walls of my room
Cause black is a color, and I really love it.
So, give me ONE MORE second
while I go fuel the rocket
for the second coat of paint.

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