The floor that almost landed me in the ER...

Some days I don't think we know when to stop.
Some days I know we don't.
This whole kitchen project actually started as a laundry room re-do.
But since we're putting a laundry/mud room, we decided
to move the bath out there too. 
And since the bath was located in the kitchen,
it got tore out and now the kitchen was a mess.
Besides, the kitchen was done in 1971.
Very dated.
So we tore into the rest of the kitchen, 
which led to tearing down a chimney,
which led to re-drywalling a section of the boys' room.
You get the point.
So when we shopped for flooring, we got this infamous idea.
Our bedroom floor had grown mold and was rotting.
A bona-fide health hazard.
Because of all the square footage, we got a good deal on flooring.
So we tore out our bedroom floor.
Which leads to repainting and retrimming the bedroom.
What a coupla suckas.
At this point I do not know whether to laugh or cry.
Although crying has been high on my list of options.
Not only am I out of a kitchen,
but I'm also out of a bedroom.
There are pieces of bedroom furniture, closet paraphanelia,
and tools, paint and cranky kids everywhere.

On Saturday we tore out the old bedroom flooring
And I got an allergic reaction.
To the 100 + year old dust, or mold, I don't know.
I spent most of the night fighting to breathe,
and was tempted to run to the ER.
But I made it through, and I'm not dead yet.

The nasty mold growing on the floor.  This was taken after the first layer of floor was ripped up:
 My man doing what he likes to do best: demo.

 We found some history in our floor boards.
The backs of some of them were stamped with a company name.
After doing a google search, 
we found that they were milled right here in our little town.
The company that milled them originally made wooden bins but in the late 1800's went into hardware flooring.
They got bought out and moved to Chicago in 1930
during the Great Depression.
So most of the flooring in our house was probably installed
in the early 1900's.
Under that floor is the original plank flooring.
  It's still in really decent shape, except for the corner with the mold. 
So, yes, we will replace it.
And yes, my walls did get painted black.

It will all be worth it.  Yes, it will.
Said to self in my most convincing tone of voice.
Please, Lord, give me endurance.

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