Autumn's past

I was going over some photos of autumns past.  For some reason, fall happens to be one of my most favorite times of year for pictures of my family.  There is something amazing about the crispness of the air, the clearness of the sky and the gorgeous colors we get off the trees here in the north. 
This picture of my little one's is an all time favorite.  This was taken two years ago, and looking at it makes me miss their "smallness" back then.

This one was taken the same year, except we're all here.  All six of us...(say hello to my double chin).  They were just so stinkin' cute!  My kids, that is, not my chin.

And then say hello to us in 2010.  All that goldenrod in one spot is making me sneeze just thinking about it.  But, oh, what a lovely yellow it was!
And again.  This is right about when the whole shoot when down hill fast.  They were cold, and insistent on munching apples instead of saying cheese.
 And one more.  Just cause they're that good-looking. You agree?  I thought you would! 

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