Erie Canal

We spent a day up on the Erie Canal recently, biking only a small portion.  Loved, loved it.  The trail is gorgeous for biking/jogging and we had a great time watching all the boats come and go, feeding the ducks (do ducks like raisins? nah.), and pushing our kids' biking skills to the limit.  8 miles is a Lo-o-ong ride for little legs to pedal.

 We took two bike trailers and youngest two rode.  We had a mini van full to the gills of kids, bike parts, tires, helmets and trailers.
 So one of these years we won't bike the trail, we'll boat it!  We wish.  How much fun would that  be to rent a house boat and cruise the Erie Canal for a week? 
 Hundreds of ducks.  And no, they do not like raisins.  The kiddos coaxed and coaxed them with trail mix, but somebody else had already handed off a bunch of real duck food and that suited their appetite so much better.
 This was one of our favorite stay-cation days this summer.  Fun and exercise all in one-you just can't beat that.

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