Miracle Brick Lay

 I finally found time
to "lay" the brick chimney in the kitchen.
I had used this product on an office building project,
we put it in the basement, to give it a "loft"feel.
I loved it, and saved the leftovers.
It's a wallpaper product, from Lowe's
and I'm now a big fan.
It comes pre-pasted and only needs to be dipped into water
to activate the paste.
On the office project, I papered to large walls
And I've had so many people walk in
and feel the wall, to see if it's real or faux.
I had lots of little scraps left over that I had saved,
so I pieced them together,
which was a bit like putting a really bad puzzle together.
I love how it came out.
 And after:
 We just ordered our countertops--finally!
The kitchen has been in for almost a year,
and we had grand plans of making concrete countertops,
but our prototypes just weren't working out very well.
Myron isn't a guy who loves a project that require experimentation.
He'd rather have a tried and true method,
so the whole project just frustrated him.
We both decided it's been long enough, and we're ready to have a finished kitchen.
 And in case we forget,
Here's a picture of how the whole room looked,
almost 2 years ago, before we started this whole crazy project.


  1. Your kitchen is a DREAM!! I love your before and after pictures, just astounding. And your style is fabulous, I'm so inspired! The pop of red is so stunning in there.

    Lest you think I'm a gushing stalker, I don't really know you but our mothers know each other. :) As if that gives me more reason to gush! But I so enjoyed coming across your blog (through Shelly N.)

    1. Clarita, I'm the one who should be gushy, since I've seen pictures of your adorable little cottage...and the fact that you actually post often (I'd like to think I could blog, but hence, I let life get in my way, just too often :) ). And, as a ridiculous side note, I remember coming to your house with mom, like a really long time ago. I was possibly only 6 or something at the time, and was properly awed. :)


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