Tea for Little Girls

Our family was blessed 
To have another family (of 8!) move in with us for a few weeks.
They are missionaries in Honduras and have been in the states
For some rest and to find their purpose again.
While they were here, their youngest daughter had a birthday
And since she's never celebrated with friends in the states,
We had a tea party to celebrate.
 I've got to admit, this tea wasn't my idea
Hannah's mom thought it up and I just went along with it.
She made all the food, and I dug out the decor to with it.
Each of the girls got a porcelain doll as a party favor.
They were all smitten, and we won't tell them
That they were only a few dollars from the local Salvo

 The food was all so yummy...
Cucumber/cream cheese sandwiches, chicken salad on crousant,
Strawberries, cupcakes, piroulines, and tea

I had picked up the tea service below
At a yard sale, wondering what in the world I'd ever do with it.
It actually brews coffee and serves it, in one elegant carafe.
So glad I bit for that bargain.

 They served themselves tea and it was so fun
To hear them commenting on what they would have
And whether they "take cream and sugar with that?"
 There were pretty dresses to be worn

 We tried teaching them how to walk like ladies,
Balancing a book on their heads
 And then we took fun pictures,
Just because

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