Spring Rolls

I came upon this super yummy food option the other day.
Spring Rolls.
I was on the lookout for something to replace 
My usual portabella mushroom with roasted veggies, turkey and cheese
That was my "new" favorite for lunch.
The kids are sandwich people,
And trying to avoid gluten was an issue with sandwiches
So I had gone to the mushroom to substitute out for bread.
All you mushroom haters...go eat a pizza.
The rest of you,  a giant mushroom, broiled with multiple veggies, some protein
And a little cheese melted on top, is just the thing to make your heart thunder.

But for a few days now, I've been unfaithful to the 'shroom
And taken up this:
Here's what you'll need:
*A rotisserie chicken
*Feta cheese
*Shredded cucumber
*Shredded carrot
*Bean threads
*Spring Roll wrappers (found in the Asian food section)
*Sprouts (Bean, or other.  I used Alfalfa sprouts)

(1) Grab your Spring Roll Wrapper
Soak in water until soft
(2) Lay out on work space (cutting board works great)

(3) Soak the Bean Threads for a couple minutes
Until soft

(4) Shred that delicious smelling Rotisserie Chicken
And place shredded pieces in the center of your spring roll
(5) Shred carrots and cucumbers on top of the chicken
 (6) Add Feta cheese (I was out, so I used a shredded blend. )
But believe me, the Feta is worth so much more for flavor!
Add the Sprouts
 Roll up-burrito style:
One end, one side, opposite end and opposite side

 Dip or Spread with Peanut Sauce (also found in the Asian food sec)
 And ENJOY!!!

*If you're a texture person, this may not be your new favorite food.
Myron loves the filling, but can't stand the texture of the spring roll
I'm not letting that stop me...  


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  1. Yum! I am definitely going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.


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