We're still twiddling our thumbs in anticipation
Of an actual spring now.
We've gotten lots of rain, that's good.
But we're starting to turn a little yellow from lack of sunshine.
The poor little ones in this house, have been quite sick again
The last week or so.
I'd like to line them all up on lounge chairs and give them a healthy dose of sunshine,
But, alas, there is no sunshine.
Apparently, even though we've been a little under the weather
There was still energy left to dress up:
Or dress down
 Depending on the music playing, or the mood of the moment.
Silly little people.
The smallest Mr. G had a birthday and became the "big boy 4"
He dreamt of legos and prayed for this birthday to come more faster
For months on end.
We were going to have a cool Mater cake, and all that fun
But it ended up being a bit of a time-crunched week
So we just settle for a store bought, generic cake.
Him, being the happy individual he is, made no complaint
And happily embraced the day for what it was.
Besides, he got two lego sets, so how could it get any better!?!

I took to painting the back steps about a month ago.
*Be forwarned:  my husband takes completely unflattering pictures.
These steps were covered in shag carpet and had a electronic chair lift on them
When we bought the house.
The day we moved, we took out the lift and tore off the carpet.
They have been in a perpetual state of ugliness ever since
We've debated a runner, sanding the steps down and staining,
 or living with them the way they were.
But I finally just got sick of how dirty they looked and got out my gallon of trusty black paint.
I painted the treads black
 and the risers my go-to trim color of Bejamin Moore Linen White.

(Really, hon, you've caught me in a rather unphotogenic place)
After painting the steps, I got this supposed brilliant idea to paint numbers on them.
Child's play, I tell you.  
We consoled ourselves in the fact that, yes, these are the back stairs
And, yes, the kids do use them a lot
And they do need any extra practice they can get in the math arena.
Folks, there happen to be 18 steps total.
Do you think that's an overkill to have 18 whole numbers running up a flight of stairs?
I guess we could run it in twos, or threes for even more mathamatical finesse.
 So while I'm wondering in my head, if perhaps, I've gone too far this time
I crack open my newest Country Living magazine
And look what I found:
I admit to loving the actual house numbers on these stairs
So much better than my hand written, wonky ones.
Now I'm thinking I should switch it out, and put some red painted
House numbers running up my stairs.

I've been having the time of my life
Purchasing furnishings for the display cottages and cabins
At the company that Myron works for.
And I'm trying to expand my "usual" style
Into thinking even more outside the box.
That includes these chairs:
I would, never, in my normal life, bat an eye at these 
But I'm stretching myself here, and I think they will look quite fabulous
Mixed with pops of orange, yellow, and red
For a beach/cottage look.
I've also been helping with designing their new office space.
They've taken an old house and renovated it's 3 stories and garage
Into a new office complex.
This had been a crazy project and, if you could see their current space,
You'd breathe relief with them, as well, to think about how much more room
They'll have when this is complete.

I'm so excited to see this all come together
There's this little knot in my stomach
Hoping that all the paint choices, flooring, lighting, etc etc
All works out in real life
Like it looks in my head.

So, that's what is going down in this household.
We're also viciously attacking the remainder of our school work for the year.
Grandma comes back next week, and there are little grandkids
Dying to spend waking minutes with her, instead of at a desk.


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  1. Joleen, I think your kids are right out of Little Rascals! If you haven't watched it you should. (We have the DVD). I love your blog. It brings a smile to my face. The only trouble is when you post food details when I'm fasting. (Those spring rolls look good) BTW I bought a book about Bragg's vinegar--She recommends fasting once a week for 24 hours for good health and of course drinking vinegar several times a day. :) The book might be a little extreme but she's got some good thoughts. Hope your week is cheery in the midst of the busy-ness.


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