I can't stop thinking about my kitchen. How I would do it if I had the "how-to". Really, I'm not sure that I'd actually spend that much money on it, even if I could. But I'd love to get my hands on paint and maybe a new countertop. (no, honey, I'm not ungrateful for what I've got...just want to see how my "creative" design would actually turn out.) I'd love to have an island made out of an old farmhouse table.
Or something like this. And I'm hyperventilating that my parents actually had an old farmhouse sink like the one above and got rid of it in their kitchen remodel. Oh, man. I wish that was in storage somewhere instead.
Is this little desk/kiddos eating spot just cute? Maybe I'll have to visit that junk shop down the street where I saw one a little like it.

I'd love to get my hands on the picture above and frame it for my room. so romantic.
Is that cupboard not wonderful? And I love the brick on the floor, but wow, how would you clean such a floor?

Thinking about another cover for our bed. Not really sure why...just that something to change up our 7 yr. old quilt would be kind of fun. I love these two duvet covers...the bottom one would have to be in the brown/tan.
I don't really have cabin fever...I'm just can't wait to start working on this house. Quickly...before spring comes and I get the itch to go outside with all my crazy ideas. With a resident landscaper tho, I may have to keep some ideas to myself. Because they may not be conventional and I'm not risking having them shot to pieces.
Oh, how earthly minded I am today! :)

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