Still Waiting...

I lo-o-ove these rooms. Too bad my black cabinet isn't that dainty. But I love mine just the same. Cannot wait to get my hands on a new house and rediscover my decorative magic. If it's still there, anymore. Which I'm sure it is...my mind has been whirling with fun ways to make a one-of-a-kind, Jo-kind of home.

Still waiting and waiting and waiting...and did I say waiting?!? The mountain of boxes is growing higher and the patience is growing thinner. The house on main st. in unoccupied now, and that makes this move feel even more like it should happen NOW. We were hoping for a closing on this old house sometime last week. nada. Or maybe this week? Hmm...maybe. We've pulled strings, begged, pleaded and made ourselves a nuisance to the attorney's poor secretary. If only our buyers' bank would think about how the poor little Glick children have no Christmas decor, no tree, and Christmas presents perhaps lost under the box mountain. bahahaha! :) Seriously, I thot I could handle this. You know, closings are like babies...they come when they're ready, and blah blah. But babies aren't usually overdue 3 weeks without someone wanting to do surgery or inject those hormones to make things move. Hmm...hormones...maybe I should add some to this situation? Nah. Bad idea.
A good thing about this week is that I've found some new freedom. Kind of a letting go, finally, of things in the past and reaching out to embrace my present( can't you tell this has nothing to do with the house, tho?). Who I am at this present stage of life, the spiritual growth God has led me through. We were back to visit our old church last Sunday and that brought me closure of a sort. And I find myself more comfortable with how I look to others, how I act, etc. For some odd reason, one of my little threads of human fear got disconnected and uprooted. I find myself more at peace with going out in public and not fearing who I might run into. 8 mos. is a long time, but some peoples opinions seem to hang over you for forever. Hopefully I can pack them away, in a box, and move them too. Far away....thrown into the ocean of God's grace. I'm working on that!

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