(Black is still) The New Black

Black is such a lovely color to me.
If you've ever been in our home, you probably noticed that.
Black and white may just be my favorite colors, 
If they're even allowed to be in the color family.

I notice that black and white pop up when I take pictures,
like the one above.

Our master bedroom is black and white and I find it so soothing.  The only thing I'd really change, is to add in white linen curtains.  I adore linen also.  The curtains we have are actually from the fabric markets in Thailand, they are a sheer black with white ribbon roses stitched onto the sheer.

The handwriting on the wall (quite literally) was such a fun project.  I just went at my white wall with a yardstick and a sharpie.  I love it so much.

I've got black on my walls in our living space
and black on cabinets, countertops, and in decorations.

 I have such great admiration for those fun spaces you see in peoples homes.
All full of bright colors, in turquoise, yellows, and so much more.  I'm such a fan of happy spaces. 
But I'm ok with those colors just not being my thing.  
Black and white are calming to me, and I love the freshness
of a space, minus the chaos of color.  
Airy, but dramatic I guess.
All I can say though is, gracious, I hope colors don't identify
your personality that drastically.
Because if that is the case, I'm either dull and boring
or incredibly moody and dramatic, as well as airy.
Let's just not go there.
Even the outside of our house is white.
And if I didn't need to go through the Historic District Board
to do it, my front door would probably be painted,
you guessed it, Black.

 My pinterest board looks like someone took an eraser to it
and completely scrubbed out all the colors, 
except for black and white.

One of my favorite online magazines, delivered to my inbox
has so much monochromatic going on, I can hardly stand it.
Est Magazine 

I also love to follow this blog
Her pinterest board is amazing.

I'm in love.
And I think that Black is Still the New Black.

What about you?  Are you a bright happy color person?


  1. I love to see which colors and styles are natural for people. I appreciate seeing the differences in people and how so many things are beautiful all in their own way. For myself, I love color, I can be looking at pinterest and saying "wow, that's nice black and white stuff," "there's some nice beiges"... and then I see something popping with color and I practically jump up and down and laugh out loud because I love it so much... :)

    1. I love that you love color, Rebecca! You do it well!

  2. I LOVE your black + whites! They say white is the absence of color, but I say that white is the beginning of all colors. ;)

  3. YES. I'm right there with you!

    1. When I think of black and white, I think of you. Because it's just, well, you!

  4. Thanks for the interesting links, Joleen! I love the look of the Stockholm apartment - http://estmagazine.com.au/styling-for-sale-stockholm-3/
    Would need a new house first though.

    1. Sounds like you've got a classic case of 'just rock what you got'! :)


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