{A Birthday}

Where to start?   I laugh thinking about my last post.
It's like we jinxed ourselves.  We went through one version of the flu.
Came out the other side of that, and, wham, got hit with the next one.
Everyone got hit on the second round, but they all pretty much bounced back after a day or so
Except the mother.  I spent a good part of six days with a fever and cough.
I finally got my mom to take me to the doctor, because I was afraid I had pneumonia.
Turns out it was just bad flu, and now I'm reaping the effects of being pricked and poked and xrayed.
As in, my pocketbook is starting to scream "ow".

So, the small one celebrated his first birthday a few weeks back.
He was kind of cranky with some teeth that day and not feeling so hot
So we didn't really go crazy with a party or anything.
He wasn't eating much that day, but the cupcake sure made his day.
Nothing a little sugar and icing can't cure.

 We love this little buddy so much.  I just cannot even imagine life without him.
The other kids are old enough, that he gets doted on and spoiled and they're so helpful with him too.
It's just totally different having this baby, this time around, than my other ones were.
I think I just felt so overwhelmed with them being so close together in age and didn't take the time
To just enjoy them like I have this wee one.
 Crumbs and all.

I had a birthday a few days later.
And while I was sure it would be doomed...Myron was out of town for a few days before and my actual birthday, and I nagged the daylights out of him about it, it actually end ed up being a fabulous day. 
I felt so special.  So many people sent me texts, dropped off little presents, etc.  Loved all of it.
And it made me that much more determined to make other peoples' special days really special too.
I got lots of fun, wonderful goodies, but I wanted to show you what my sis in law dropped off:
 Mmmm.   They were absolutely as delish as they look.  Isn't that just the simplest, sweetest idea?

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