{Dinner for Two}

  In the middle of our busy summer, I decided a photo session with my love was way overdue.
Being in the business of raising kids has made us prioritize some great family shoots
But we haven't gotten any fabulous pictures of the two of us since our wedding 10+ years ago.
Myron wanted some good pictures on his desk at work, and so I thought that a fun photo shoot
Would be the ultimate "i love you" thing.

Our friend and fabulous first cousin, Lyndsi, from LYNDSI Photography was first choice.
She's spent time with our family and knows what a couple of dweebs we are and so of course
We were most comfortable with her.
Not to mention that she has got some uber fantastic camera skills.
She's done This photo shoot as well as a few others for us.

I decided to call a babysitter and make this a dinner date as well.
We hadn't spent any time together, just the two of us, since the baby was born.
The kids and I went back to the farm and set up a table for two

Then we shipped them all off to the sitters, did a photo shoot, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner
Prepared by my gourmet chef sister-in-law.

 The sunlight was absolutely golden.  From up on the hill at the farm, the breeze had settled down and it had to be one of the most delicious summer nights of the year.  None of the deer poked their heads out into the pasture to see us but for a town-living couple, the quiet of the meadow and woods, the sound of birds, and the view over the lake was magic.  Unforgettable, really. 


  1. Wow, just WOW. These pictures are amazing!! We celebrated eight years, and we haven't had a real photo shoot since our wedding either. I think I'd like something like this just as good as wedding pictures. Such loveliness!

    1. Post wedding photo shoots are just so fun. We spent as much time laughing with each other as we did being serious enough to even shoot. I'm positive you'd get some phenom. pictures, since yours always have such gorgeousness in them. :)

  2. Ahhh! I loooove your pictures!! AND that you made a whole date and a sweet memorable time out of it as well. I've been wishing to do something like this (really wanted to do it this year!), but then, well, baby bump got kinda big, so I think I'll go for next year or so. :) You have re-inspired me!

    Oh, and just saw your brother and his lovely new bride at MY brother's wedding last week. You all look so much alike. Would love to meet up with you again sometime. It's been years and years since our first (and only?) meeting!?

    1. Here's a secret...I spent all summer trying to get that baby chub off me, cause I just knew I wanted to do this. So go for it! :) And everytime we're in Lancaster, I think about hunting you up, but our time is always so full. Someday.

  3. absolutely beautiful...all of it! (btw...I like the 'better-to-read-for-these-old-eyes' print!)

    1. Oh goodness. My fonts have given me stomach ulcers. :) One of these day I'll get it right. But, thank you!

  4. Not sure about the gourmet part, but making this dinner date meal for you two was so fun! Might have to get you to do one for us sometime. ;)

  5. Lovely indeed!!! :) Linda Stoltzfus


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