{A Bridal Shower}

A couple of weeks ago I had the fun privilege of hosting a bridal shower in the back yard.
I met the mother of the bride through our local Pregnancy Care Center,
When I did some training with them about a year and a half ago.
She asked me if I would consider doing a bridal shower for her daughter,
And I was all in.
This kind of thing is so fun for me.  I love to do events that others can enjoy.
I'd never met the bride before, but after scouring her wedding pinterest board 
And her mom throwing some ideas at me, I hope I came up with a shower
That suited her tastes.

{We got to put the gorgeous pergola my husband made for me, to good use}

 {Those poppies and cornflowers are the colors for her wedding.  And I am just positive her wedding is going to be super fun and beautiful}

 {The guests all signed a ceramic bowl, so that the bride can remember them every time she uses it}
 {Peonies were in abundance this week, so we used them everywhere.  The bride made the pinwheels and I think they are the cutest.}

 The menu:
 Mediterranean Chicken Wraps
{my all time favorite...ever.}
 Fruit kabobs
 Sweet and salty popcorn
 Pie pops
 Iced Coffee with almond milk
{The bride is lactose intolerant, and this was a new one for me.  But delicious}

I also set up a s'mores bar

{With lots of yummy chocolates of course}

 The afternoon was a little nippy, so the fire was not only for s'mores fun, but also practical

And just as the shower was ending the glorious sun broke through the clouds
And drenched the back yard in golden deliciousness
{It's one of my favorite things about the back yard, the way the sun and shadows play}


  1. THIS is gorgeous! All of it! I was gonna make a list of all my favorite details but there are just too many. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what sort of a party you could plan for me. Too late for the bridal shower, past the baby shower stage too, hmm...Beautiful Party!

  2. Love the ceramic bowl/guest list idea! And the pinwheels! (which I think would also go very well at a baby shower. Or in the new baby's room :-). -sherri

  3. Oh wow!! This is like magazine material. So gorgeous!!

  4. beautiful!! you are so creative!


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