{Memorial Day}

Admittedly, I have never felt terribly patriotic.
 Memorial Day, for me, has always been just a fun day for the whole family to be off work.
I do, however, get a small lump in my throat everytime we're sitting to watch a parade
And suddenly there is a standing ovation and salute for the men in uniform.
My allegiance has always been with a kingdom in Heaven, but I have moments of pride
In this strong country.  Moments of sadness too, when I think about how we're staring
Down the barrel of our own gun, so to speak.
There are days when the heaviness of that makes me plead with God to come quickly
Before it all blows.
But I am so incredibly blessed at the opportunities and dreams we are able to live out
Because of this nation.

We started the weekend with a night at 2 gorgeous cabins close to Lake Seneca, with some friends.
If you are ever in the Finger Lakes and want a phenomenal place to stay, you can check out their
VRBO listing at: Castle Point Paradise
The company Myron works for, built these 2 cabins, and Myron spent many hours going over plans for them, etc. 
{Castello at night}
 {Our King size master suite}

 {Red Cat, and White Springs.  If you're a friend of wine,you'll be a friend of the Finger Lakes}
{Gorgeous full bar in the basement}
 {Sunrise over the lake}
{Enjoyed with a glass of juice or a cup of coffee, from the hot tub}

By nine on Monday morning, it was off to collect kids at the cousins, and watch the parade in town.
It's one of those "i'm so old" moments when your kids are in the same parade
That you used to watch AS A KID.  Even weirder, is the fact that the parade hasn't changed a bit. 
Good old redneck hometowns.
 {Cousins waiting anxiously for either candy to be thrown, or their siblings to appear in the Little League crowd}
 {the smallest of them was intimidated by the honking horns and only cared about tasting the yarn on his hat}
 {Two of the cousins and their Little League team throwing tootsie rolls and riding in style}

{The high school band}
We spent the rest of the day up on "the farm".
A fun little project we've got going on, "out in the country" so that our kids don't act so citified. Ha!
We've had a lot of fun on this piece of land already
And teaching the kids not to freak out at every noise, or that it's ok to pee behind a tree, or that coyote's won't eat you in the daytime, has been a lot of fun.
Dreaming about what we'll do with it all, has been even more fun.
We're making some goals and deadlines for ourselves so that we don't just twiddle our thumbs
And wait for that "someday" to happen.
It'll be an adventure, for sure.
 {The mister, taming some wilderness and taking back the land}
 {Bringing out the hillbilly and cutting it all loose}

{kids and dirt.  Glory Hallelujah.  Amen.}


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  1. The cabin looks aweseome and oh what fun in the country! :) love to hear from you on this blog.


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