{A Kitchen Finale}

This has been two years in the making,
And I am so completely in love with my new kitchen.
Yes, the kitchen of this old house
Is finally complete!  Yay!
The beginning days felt like complete torture, 
As we tore out dumpster loads of flooring, ceilings, (yes, there were LAYERS), and plaster.
Sold off old cabinets,
Fought over light fixtures, and flooring (we are trivial like that, I guess),
And finally stood back to admire the end result.
It was well worth those two long years.
Don't you agree?

 Our cabinets were made by a local cabinetry shop:Sylvans Woodworking .  The stool and ski's were saved from a junk heap,
 the clock is from World Market, and the glass canisters from Crate and Barrel.  The fruit is supposed to be making the kids in this house healthier than oxen.  :)
Flooring is engineered hardwood from Anderson and it is super easy to wipe, easy on the eyes too, with it's raised grains, and was a breeze to install.
 I bought these industrial pendant lights from Wal Mart online.  Yes, I said Wal Mart
They're even weighted, so the pulley adjusts to raise/lower the light.
 My chandeliers are from Lowe's
 Our cabinetmaker just finished this little piece of the hood last week.  Brick wallpaper by Lowe's.  Love!

 This little coffee nook is one of the best little ideas I came across.  We store all our mugs, goblets, straws, teas, coffees, and other drinks and accessories in the base cabinet and cupboard above.  The sink is firestone clay from Vintage Tub

 This cabinet got rescued from the trash heap while my mom was building a house 5 yrs ago.
It was destined for the bath, but the marble top broke in shipping and was deemed unusable.
I never throw a good-lookin' piece with these kinds of curves, away.  So she moved here with us, and we modified her depth, painted her up and put a new top on her.
 My pantry door was an old storm door at our other house.  We had replaced her, in favor of a wind-proof door and I hoarded her, saved her from Myron's junk pile and gladly wore the term "junkaholic" for her, until she could be properly glorified.
 Backed with burlap, she makes the perfect no-see pantry.  And look at that patina!
This corner was a full bath in its former life.  I despise baths that are connected to main living spaces.
What goes on in there, is noone else's business,
 but it sure can be if it's smack in the middle of where you dine.
It is now our favorite corner in the whole house.  All kinds of life happens here around a cup of coffee.
 These chairs were a antique shop find for $15.  I have since seen many like it online for going on $100.
 Farmhouse table by World Market
The old coke box is from my grandparents store many years ago

 Gorgeous windows by Andersen
Blinds and faucet from Lowe's
 The firestone clay farmhouse sink that I love so much from Vintage Bath
Weighs a "ton" and was a beast to unload off the freight truck parked on the street,
But I would do it all over again.  An amazing sink that handles just about anything.
Countertops are a solid surface material.  The concrete counters I had originally wanted, didn't work out.
But our countertop guy sure did an amazing job at making them look like concrete.
My kitchen "island"?  The bottom of a hoosier cabinet.  The top cabinet is being stored in a closet.
I love that old enamel top...takes a regular beating, and is the perfect spot to set hot pans, and store cookbooks.

If the kitchen is really the "heart of the home",  the heart in this house is beating blood red.  This has become,easily, the most favorite room in the house for everyone who lives, and visits, our home.


Per request, I'm adding a before picture, it just doesn't get much more 70's than this:


  1. I just *love* your kitchen and nook area! You are so good with mixing old and new . . . that makes for that comfortable feel and amazing beauty! Great, great job!

    1. Thank you! Some day we'll meet in real life, and I'd love to hear all your hard-earned advice on building a house.

  2. LOVE the pantry door! & i didn't know you have a blog...now i'm your latest! Esther from fleurcottage

    1. I've heard your gardens are to die for! Welcome to my sporadic blog... :)

  3. Jo, it is absolutely lovely! You deserve to be featured in House Beautiful or some other up and coming design freaks magazine. Way to go! I would be completely in love too. I love my new house, but I could so take some of that character you've got. I love your coffee corner, that green is so delicious~ Happy Living in your new space~

    1. Let's meet in Baltimore sometime, mmkay? It has been far too long...

  4. OK, after looking at your before pictures...wow! Puts a whole new meaning to "I have a dream". I love that kitchen!

    1. Dream on! If you're willing to be patient and creative with what you already have, dreams come to life.


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