Mean girls

What a way to resurrect a blog, huh? Mean girls... in some ways this has nothing to do with this blog and in other ways it's got everything to do with it.

I've toed the line for a while, tinkering with blogging here and there but never really committing to it. You see, I love to write but I've also got this ginormous fear of mean girls. That they'll read what I write and rehash it with other mean girls. I've had a few mean girls in my life and I've been one. But I'm learning about forgiveness...undeserved. And I'm done being a mean girl.

Meanness perceives a threat when we compare ourselves to our 'rival'. Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry. And then Meanness catches like a virus... we can pass it down and we can pass it around. "Instead of going ahead and feeling our pain, processing it before God and letting Him heal us, sometimes we opt for a trade-in. We swap pain for anger because it's easier for a while, and, boy, can it be energizing! Soon mad turns to mean. Friends turn to enemies."-Beth Moore. We've all been hurt, some more than others. But let's quarantine this "mean" virus, shall we?

Which brings me back to blogging...I'm determined to do this. If you hate on me, I'm not hating back. Dislike what I write? Girls, don't rehash it with someone else. It's my worst fear, and yet I'm taking this tiger by the tail. He ain't gonna roar at me no more. Maybe I'm "throwing myself under the bus", "jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire" but I'm going to write. About life, kids, my love for Jesus, cooking, DIY projects, and anything that inspires me to move my cursor across the screen. Praying I'll learn a thing or two, or a million. Who knows, maybe you will too?

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