Ok, here goes. I've got this tremendous love/hate relationship with blogs. Love to read them (sometimes) but hate the time they steal from me. Love to write (again, sometimes!) but hate the pressure to keep it up. This is a period of time in our lives, tho, when I don't won't to forget the fun/crazy/frustrating/insane day-to-day events that are happening to us.

You see, God is working over-time at molding us into His image. Along with that, He's placing vision in our hearts/heads for His kingdom here on earth. In obedience to Him, we are about to embark on a radical change in our life. Ok, the last 3 years have been radical, but they've all been a road leading to this next crazy step.

For a few years we've been feeling this little tug to move right into the middle of town, into the sea of humanity. This is not a "normal" decision for my husband and here's why: he's loved being a farm boy all his life. He had dreams of owning at least a hobby farm and puttering to his heart's content. God's gotten ahold of Him and completely changed his view of life. Now he's more in love with working with people than working the ground, tilling hearts in preparation for the "seed" more than tilling the earth, and harvesting the fruit of the Spirit more than crops.

We've watched for a house in town for a while: had to be large enough to accomodate our "family"(i.e. anyone currently living under our roof) and had to have a large enough yard for a good game of wiffle ball ( got a dislike for raising kids on movies/video games). A few weeks ago the perfect house came up for sale. We put an offer on it, way below the asking price, and trusted God to work in the sellers heart to have favor on us. And He did! Next step: sell our current home. When God's in real estate, that's no problem either! We put our house up for sale privately, and within a week had a buyer! A week is insane! We live in the COUNTRY. Yay, God!!!

So that brings me to today, which is just a normal kind of day. The laundry's hung out and there are toys strewn around along with the packed boxes. Today is just another day of waiting, on attorneys and bankers, auction houses and sellers. But my Father's been so faithful this far into the process, I'm walking in faith that sometime in the next 6 weeks...we'll be moving to "That house on Main St."

I'm hoping that, here, I'll have the time (and courage) to type the process. So someday we can relive the before and afters. And laugh and cry at the mercy of God.

Now for a little fun...and because it's fall and fall is so gorgeous here in the East...some pictures of the little pumpkins:
Hmmm... or not. I'll have to mess with uploading, today it doesn't want to happen on this computer.

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